Welcome Back to Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish
Masses celebrations in the Church are now open to the public

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Parish is doing everything we can to prevent the spreading of the virus. Although we can’t guarantee that no one will contract the virus in the church, with your help, by following the guidelines below we can reduce the risk.  To that end you are asked to:
•    Stay home if:
o    you feel ill or tired or achy
o    you have a high temperature
o    you have a cough
o    you have lost your appetite
o    you are short of breath
o    you have excessive sputum
•    Use hand sanitizer before entering the church
•    Follow the guidance of the ushers and sit only where directed
•    Exercise social distancing (6 feet or 2 meters) at all times
•    Avoid touching your face
•    Avoid touching others
•    Face coverings are mandatory for those five years old and older who enter the Church for any public gathering. Face coverings are to fit securely to the head and be large enough to completely and comfortably cover the mouth, nose and chin without gaping. Please click here to read the Diocesan Policy regarding the mandatory use of face coverings.


Please note that if you are sick or your health is compromised you are not obligated to attend Sunday Mass. 

To be able to accommodate physical distancing precautions, the Church will be open to limited capacity on a first come/first served basis.  Screening and public health protocols are in place. Checking your temperature before you leave home is recommended. Please stay home if you have a fever or are feeling unwell and seek medical attention.

Guidelines for attending Mass during Covid-19 Pandemic - click here

For prayers in time of the Covid-19 pandemic - click here

HOPE, GRATITUDE AND SOLIDARITY: A Message to Canadians from Religious Leaders in Canada in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Click here 

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